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ADT Home & Alarm Monitoring System

family monitoring systemOne of the most prevalent benefits of an ADT home security system is ADT's 24-hour Home Monitoring service. Once a specialist from American Home Alarms has installed and configured your security system, your home or business is connected to a nationwide network of linked command centers, staffed around the clock by ADT professionals who are prepared to alert you, the police, the fire department, or other emergency personnel at the moment your alarm is triggered.

When you bring ADT security to your home through American Home Alarms, you will have continuous access to all of the benefits of ADT's remarkably linked infrastructure. Just like our installation technicians, every ADT Customer Monitoring Center professional is fully trained, and the state-of-the-art equipment they implement is directly connected with your home security system.

24 hour home monitoringOnce you have contacted American Home Alarms, or provided us with your contact information, you can have full access to ADT's home monitoring immediately following the installation and configuration process, which we can complete within 24-48 hours. To find out more information about specific plans and options, speak with us today. We will work expressly for your interests and try to provide you with peace of mind as best we can.