How To Reset ADT Pulse® Z-Wave

To reset or delete your ADT Pulse® Z-Wave device, you will need to be the authorized user of the security system. A Manager Devices button will appear on the Systems tab. Unlike the other devices, to delete a Z-Wave device you must use the Manage Devices assistant and click the Reset Device button. Deleting and resetting a Z-Wave device both result in removing the Z-Wave device from the site.

To Delete or Reset an ADT Pulse® Z-Wave Device

  1. If it is not already displayed, click the System tab
  2. Click Manage Devices then the manage Devices Assistant should appear.
  3. Click on Lights, Thermostats, and more. The ADT Z-Wave Assistant should appear.
    • Please note that the gateway must be no more than 5 feet from a Z-Wave device during delete or reset
  4. Select the device you want to delete or reset
  5. Click Reset Device and the Trigger Device screen should appear
  6. Quickly press the "include" button on the device
    • A message will inform you that the device was successfully reset. Also, the Z-Wave device is removed from the site. Once reset, you can add the Z-Wave device again to the same site or add it to another site.