What are the Benefits of ADT Pulse Security System?

Benefits of the ADT Pulse home security system allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely, via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Additionally with ADT Pulse, you can use your technology to watch for burglary, theft, carbon monoxide, flood, fire or smoke.

Most home security systems, including those we provide through ADT, provide a few basic measures to protect a home. They use motion detection technology, and integrate smoke detectors and fire alarms into their alert systems. They usually offer a 24-hour connection to some central base, where professionals communicate with you and can dispatch emergency crews to your home. These are great assets in a security system that contribute to any homeowner's peace of mind. But with ADT's Home Security System, American Home Alarms can give you even more.

ADT also provides the industry's most rapid responses to alarms, and for very affordable monthly charges. ADT's service is comprehensive, covering every imaginable aspect of home security. You can work with our technicians to configure your system specifically to your situation.

The benefits of the ADT security system are only a portion of the knowledge that can lead you in the best direction as you make a decision about the best way to keep a safe home. Contact us today, or have one of us call you, and we will work with you to instill the safety, security, and peace of mind that you need to go about your days weightlessly.